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Chinese TV Documentary - Himalaya: Ladder to Paradise

The five-episode, Chinese television documentary, Himalaya: Ladder to Paradise, co-produced by Hylink’s film arm Authrule Digital Media, Qianying Media and Beijing Zizaifeixiang was recently released [...]

The Future of Film & Digital Production

There has been for some time a big focus on the burgeoning growth of the cinema industry in China, in particular in terms of its [...]

Hylink Won the 2016 Baidu Digital Marketing Contest

We won! Co-hosted by the Baidu Certification Program and the Communication University of China, "the 2016 Baidu Digital Marketing Contest” was held at the Zhongguancun [...]

A Link Up Play-by-Play

As our agency grows, we’re actively on the hunt for the perfect candidates to join our team. We’ve filtered through 3,800 resumes, interviewed 100, and [...]

Hylink's New Links: Stephanie Popp

1. You're a new addition to our crayon box.  What color are you and why? Burnt Sienna because I think the name is genius.     [...]

Hylink's New Links: Yumeng Zhang

1. You’re a new addition to our crayon box.  What color are you and why?Blue because it’s the color of the sky and ocean, which [...]

Scenes from Spring Festival

The team just returned from China! We enjoyed a weeklong company retreat in tandem with Chinese New Year, traveling to both Beijing and Shanghai. Each year, Hylink celebrates the upcoming Lunar New Year with [...]

Voted #1 Internet Advertising Company

We were recently ranked No. 1 by CIWEEK for "Best Internet Advertising Company" of 2016. We are delighted to have been awarded this top honor for the ninth consecutive year [...]

16 Things We Did in 2016

We’re all standing around the office with a resounding, “Where did the year go?” Not only are we there – the end of 2016 – [...]

Buick's Avenir GL8 and Karl Lagerfeld’s New Interpretation of Aesthetics

On the evening of December 19th, fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld attended the “2016 Digital Fashion Grand Ceremony” in Shanghai. The event marked a milestone for [...]

One Piece Film: Gold to China’s Big Screens

The popular manga series One Piece will be coming to theaters this winter as part of their next adventure-packed saga. Millions of Chinese animation fans [...]

ROI's Digital Platform Gala

The ROI Festival held its “2017’s Most Promising Digital Platform Bidding Gala” on October 18th in Shanghai, co-organizing the event with Hylink, alongside emcee, Qitai Cao. This year’s [...]

Hylink at The GetGlobal 2016 Expo

On October 20-21, the GetGlobal 2016 "Thrive in Foreign Markets" Convention/Expo united innovative, forward-thinking U.S. companies seeking to expand the reach of their goods and [...]

Hylink Wins Best Digital Media Agency of the Year at the ROI Festival

On the evening of Oct 20th, the ROI Festival held its ninth annual award ceremony in Shanghai. Hylink Digital was honored the “Best Digital Media Agency of [...]

Hylink Wins Best Advertising Agency of the Year

On October 22nd, The 2016 China Great Wall Award held its evening award ceremony in Haikou. For another consecutive year, Hylink was awarded “The Best Advertising [...]

Hylink Wins 15 Awards at The 2016 China Advertising Great Wall Awards

On October 13th and 14th, The 2016 China Advertising Great Wall Awards hosted its two-day awards ceremony, recognizing winners of the “Media Marketing Award” and “Interactive Creative Award” [...]

The Creation of the CMRC

The China Media Rating Council (CMRC) recently announced the formal establishment and held its inaugural meeting in Beijing. Founding members of the CMRC include a [...]

Hylink Digital Lands in Los Angeles

Last week, we formally opened our new office in the heart of Santa Monica. By formally, we mean we did it with a party. The evening [...]

Hylink & The 2016 IAB Global Summit

On September 28th, Su Tong, founder and CEO of Hylink, was invited to speak at the annual IAB Global Summit at the Bank of America [...]

Hylink Los Angeles: Office Snapshot

Hylink Digital just opened its first US office, which is now their global headquarters in Los Angeles, California. With this being what it is, a new [...]

Chinese 90's Millennials (II)

We’ve researched key communication tools and strategies in winning Chinese millennials hearts and market share.  This infographic highlights how understanding millennials aspirations, anxieties, concerns and [...]

The 9th ROI International Festival of Creativity

The 9th ROI International Festival of Creativity, the largest and most influential festival of creativity in Asia, will kick-off in Shanghai from October 17th to October 22nd [...]

The Renovation

Yesterday was inspirational; we mean it. In July, renovations on our Santa Monica office officially began. Last week, our team decided we would take a quick [...]

The Chinese 90's Millennial Report

Ever wondered how millennials in China act online in comparison to their U.S. counterparts? How they best like to shop and share, consume and invest [...]

Hylink CEO Delivers Keynote at NIRC's 2016 Digital Tourism Forum

Hylink’s founder and CEO, Su Tong, had the special opportunity to present at the National Image Research Center’s “2016 Digital Tourism –China Tourist Destinations and National Image Forum” as [...]

To The Next 22

This year marks Hylink’s 22nd anniversary. We are thrilled to celebrate twenty-two years in business with growth fueled by our diverse national client roster including startups, emerging and Fortune [...]

President of Cannes Lions Visits Hylink Beijing

On April 19th, 2016, Terry Savage, President of Cannes Lions, visited China and made his very first stop at the Hylink Beijing office. During his [...]

Union Voole of Beijing respositions as IPTV

On May 26, 2016, Union Voole of Beijing, announced that they would reposition their company as an interactive TV cloud service provider (IPTV), dubbing the [...]

Hylink China and ADV Russia strike strategic partnership

On Feb 26 2016, Hylink Digital Solutions China and ADV Russia officially carried out their strategic partnership signing ceremony in Beijing.  The ceremony held at Ritz [...]

Hylink Interactive Thinktank signs strategic agreement

On February 19th, Hylink Interactive Thinktank reached a strategic partnership agreement with the Wellness IT Association (hereinafter referred to as “WITA”) of the South Korean [...]